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We are Tyrus. We specialize in helping creators define, grow, and evolve their brand.   Our full-service management team takes care of pretty much everything so you can focus on the most important part – your content.

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Focus On Your Passion.

We’ll handle the rest.

We will do everything. Even Your Laundry.

Okay, for laundry we’ll find you a service but for everything else, we have in-house experts. They will help you expand your community and constantly develop your personal brand. We want to make you iconic.

  • sponsorship & activation management

  • personalized growth strategies

  • social media management

  • innovative marketing strategies

  • career coaching

  • metrics analysis

Career Making Moves

Let our team of platform experts enhance and promote your creative brand. Our relationship with partners across different industries create flex-worthy opportunities and sponsorships for our creators.

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Focus on your passionWe'll handle the rest.

Say Less, Let's Chat