Creator first agency.

Tyrus provides agency services to a variety of content creators across multiple platforms, with a focus on the impact of the creator over following numbers. In the world of entertainment, agents book work for their talent, negotiating contracts on the talent’s behalf. We provide brand outreach, email management, deal representation, campaign management, and bookkeeping.

    • Brand Outreach
      • We put creators front and center in front of today’s biggest brands, both endemic and non-endemic.
    • Email Management
      • Email a pain? No more with Tyrus’s email management! 
      • Incoming deals and you aren’t sure what’s a scam or how to negotiate the best rates? We take care of all of that for you!
    • Deal Representation
      • We negotiate on your behalf, so you get the money you deserve based on the tasks being asked of you.
    • Campaign Management
      • We walk you step by step through all activations you get, so you have more time to create content instead of dealing with negotiations and paperwork.
    • Bookkeeping & Legal for Activations
      • You deserve to get paid, so we have a team that makes certain brands pay you on time.

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