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Strategizing for growth and development in content creation is a challenge, so let us help you every step of the way! Set your goals, understand your objectives, define your long-term needs, and discover new and advanced ways to approach them from every angle. From strategizing your marketing funnel to finding the perfect SEO, we have a section of the Tyrus Talent 360° Plan to suit your needs:

    • Goals Analysis and Planning
    • Content Audit and Strategy Building (Twitch, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and more)
    • Brand Audit and SWOT Analysis
    • Monetization Audit and Diversification Planning
    • Risk Audit and Safety Checks
    • Visibility Planning
    • Brand Guidelines
    • Rebranding Planning
    • Advice on and Outreach to Other Services
    • Special Project Planning
    • Merch Ideation and Planning
    • Event Planning and more!

With the Tyrus Talent 360° Plan, we also include the following features to support you every step of the way:

    • Professional Support: Up to weekly meetings with Talent Manager to discuss anything and everything. From requested audits and strategic planning to monitoring goal progress and offering advice for content creation, we’re there to go through what you need at the time!
    • Access to communicate with and collaborate with other creators in Tyrus’ private server.
    • Access to private channels to connect with us outside of meetings, as well as access to expert analysis.
    • Cross-department synchronization to support the widest possible range of content and activities, and enable you to go the distance.

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