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Niches: Body painter, Makeup artist

AFKayt is a self-taught makeup artist, shapeshifter, and Twitch Partner. She streams as she creates mind-bending optical illusions, cosplay transformations, and makeup masterpieces. When she’s not blowing your mind with her art, she’s singing, gaming, or most likely drinking bubble tea.

Brand Attributes

Body Painting
AfKayt’s make-up transformations are a wonder to watch. During her streams, she engages and educates her chat on everything from makeup tips to inclusivity.

As a classically trained singer, AfKayt’s love for music comes across strongly in everything she does. She recently took on the task of teaching herself the Ukulele on stream.

Gaming is where AfKayt can be found in her silliest. It’s a way she can chill and unwind after a long day while keeping her community a safe place to have fun.


AFKayt's main audience is in the US (58%) followed by global audeinces in Canada (7%), UK (6%), Germany (4%), Australia (3%) and France (2%).

AFKayt's average viewer's age range is 25-34 at 46.7%, followed by 18-24 (33.6%), 33-44 (11.5%), 13-17 (4.5%) and 45-54 (2.7%).

AFKayt can be found streaming and posting with a mostly male engagement of 74.6%.