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Niches: GTA RP/Variety

Afro is best-known in the virtual city of Los Santos, where he’s created well-rounded and story-driven characters. His experience in broadcasting and production help him deliver streams with some of the best role-playing content on the server. In the gaming community, Afro is a role model as he’s one of the leading NoPixel content creators on Twitch. And Yes – his Afro is real.


Brand Attributes

As one of the largest content creators on the NoPixel server, Afro’s knowledge of the city of Los Santos knows no bounds.

Using his experience in broadcasting, Afro always delivers well-rounded story-driven characters in every game.

Afro has worked in broadcasting and production, and brings this experience into his and others’ streams in both look and feel.


Afro's primary audience is in the US at 45% of his viewership, followed by Canada (19%), the UK (4%), and France and Australia (2%).

Afro does best in the 25-34 demo (44.1%), followed by the 18-24 demo (22.1%).

Afro has a mainly male audience at 78.4% to 21.6% female audience.