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Niche: Video Essays / Minecraft

AntVenom, aka Taylor, is a veteran YouTube gaming creator and one of Twitch’s first partnered streamers. Taylor started his career in 2006, and by 2011, he made a name for himself in the Minecraft community. Today, he focuses on producing his informative – yet highly entertaining – video essays about Minecraft-related subjects.

Brand Attributes

As one of the largest content creators in the Minecraft world, Ant’s knowledge of the game knows no bounds.

His playstyle with others lends itself to humor and he can often be heard laughing and cracking jokes, keeping himself and chat entertained.

He is very involved in his chat and will spend the entire stream talking with his audience, keeping them engaged no matter the topic.


AntVenom's viewership is mostly US based (66%) followed by Canada (9%) and the UK (8%).

AntVenom performs best in the 18-24 bracket (39.6%) followed by the 25-34 bracket (19.9%), and the 35-44 bracket (18.6%) with the 13-17 and the 45-54 being tied (9%)

AntVenom finds himself in a more male centric market at 82.3% over the 17.7% to females.