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Niche: D&D / Variety

Bast_50 is known for his welcoming and friendly personality. Some say it’s part of Bast_50’s Canadian charm, but it’s actually THAT Bast welcoming. If comics, video games, and geek culture are your thing, then Bast_50’s stream is your home. On the stream, you’ll find some D&D (Bast_50 as a DM and as a player) and all types of games – specially Bast’s favorite genres MMOs, RPGs, and FPS.

Brand Attributes

Bast is very involved in his chat and will spend the entire stream talking with his audience, keeping them engaged no matter the topic.

Action/RP Games
Bast often focuses on action RP games, which often makes it fun for his audience to watch. He has a very pro skillset playing these games.

Positive Vibes
Bast has one of the most positive mindsets in-game! Win or lose, he is always in a good mood when playing and it attracts his viewers to come watch him for the great vibes.

Brand Integration
Bast can bring opportunities for brands that want any products integrated into posts with specific call-outs or seamless integration with posts related to their brand.

Affiliate Marketing
Bast has had great success with deals that align with their core brand attributes, especially brands that align with Gaming and Interacting with his audience.


Bast_50 fits in mainly with a US audience (43%), followed by Canada (22%), the UK (5%), France, Brazil, and Australia (all 3%)