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Niches: Variety

BeerBongJohn is just a guy with a phone trying to make people laugh. His 3.1 million followers love his skits, storytime videos, and his iconic beard. That iconic beard is a viral sensation full of glitter – with over 1 million views. BeerBongJohn’s adorable dog, Brody, occasionally blesses the feed with his cuteness and cardboard boxing addiction.


Brand Attributes

John is a very well-known comedian on TikTok. His engaging content attracts people who want more of the funny jokes and good vibes he gives off across his platforms.

John loves interacting with his fans on his various social media platforms daily and knows how to keep his audience interested in both himself & his content.

John’s core brand attribute is humor, which he develops and defines by evaluating his audience to adjust how he performs his skits, reviews, or engagement with other creators.


BeerBongJohn's audience is located mainly in the US (88%), followed by Australia (4%), Canada (3%), and New Zealand (3%).

BeerBongJohn sits comfortably in the 25-34 bracket (47.4%), followed by the 18-24 bracket (29.6%) and then the 35-44 bracket (14.2%).

BeerBongJohn does best with a female audience at 79.3% to a 20.7% male.