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Niches: Indie Gamer/Cozy Gamer/Scary Gamer/Just Chatter/Lego Builder/True Crime Streamer/Switch Gamer

Blizzb3ar is here to vibe with his community and streaming friends! He is a variety content creator focused on creating a safe space for BIPOC and queer individuals. His focus is wholesome games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, but also dabbles in Lego Building and discussing True Crime on stream.

Brand Attributes

Blizzb3ar focuses a lot of attention on bringing inclusivity to marginalized voices like LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC creators. He is also very active in his chat and on social media creating a safe space for everyone. He actively calls out and educates rule breakers and trolls.

Blizzb3ar loves keeping things interesting and streaming outside the box! Join him for everything from Lego Building to True Crime Streams; you’ll be hooked every time.

Chill Gaming
Blizzb3ar often sticks to games like Stardew Valley, Minecraft, and indie games that allow him to keep his vibes chill and his chat active.


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Blizzb3ar has a predominantly US based audience (78%), with Canada (8%), the UK (3%) and Australia (2%) following that up

Blizzb3ar sits very comfortably with the 25-34 age demo with 60.5%, followed by the 18-24 (31.4%), and 35-44 (5.4%) demos.

Blizzb3ar has a close gender split in his audience with males leading slightly at 54.3%.



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