Brizzy Voices

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Niches: Voice Actor/ Impressions / Variety

BrizzyVoices is a professional voice actor and YouTuber. Her channel features her voice impressions of beloved cartoons and video game characters as well as all things Harry Potter, cosplay, and Dungeons & Dragons. On Twitch she loves to play games in which she has voices (like Final Fantasy VII: Remake, Monster Prom, or God of War: Ragnarok) along with scary games and fantasy story games! Basically, she loves some nice cozy, magical vibes– with occasional spooks!


Brand Attributes

Voice Acting
BrizzyVoices has a long career on YouTube doing voices and an impressive resume as a voice actor for video games and animation.

Single Player
BrizzyVoices loves to play and complete large studio single-player games from the newest titles to previous generation console titles.

BrizzyVoices is a cast member in a few TTRPG shows and a player/DM in her home campaigns. This lends her to be great at improv and group games.


BrizzyVoices audience sits mostly in the US at 67%, followed by Canada (7%), the UK (5%), Brazil (3%) and Australia and Mexico each at 2%.

She attracts mostly the 18-24 demo (33.1%) followed closely with the 35-44 (20.5%) and 25-34 (21.9%) demos.

BrizzyVoices has a strong female driven audience sitting at 59.3% of viewership.

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