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Niche: Variety

Camillapanda is a successful variety streamer focused on charity fundraising. She’s raised over $15,000 for various nonprofits and even made a front-page debut during the first year in her career. Her secret weapon? Her adorable cats! Camila’s corner of the internet is the place to go for cute chill vibes while doing good.

Brand Integration
CamillaPanda has opportunities for brands that want their product to be integrated into posts with specific call-outs or seamless integration with posts that are related to their brand.


Brand Attributes

CamillaPanda has raised over $15k in her career in content creation through various charities. Her chill vibe lends itself very well to any charitable cause.

CamillaPanda volunteers to mentor students in engineering in robotics through FIRST. Her team consistently makes the top 8 at events.

Live Host
Outside of content creation, Camilla can be seen hosting live events around the USA for FIRST, an international robotics competition. She’s been the host of events all over the USA and has been a Master of Ceremonies at the World Championships.


Camilla has a mostly US audience (68%) followed by Canada (7%) and the UK (6%).


1000 Dreams Fund

FIRST Inspires

Master of Ceremonies/ Play by play announcer