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Niches: Variety/Mental Health Education/IRL

Catieosaurus (she/they) does it all. She’s an actor, full-time content creator, professional streamer, DnD/ TTRPG influencer, ADHD sex educator, and co-host of Catie and Erik’s Infinite Quest – a top-50 mental health podcast about living life with adult ADHD. Catieosaurus is passionate about creating a safe space for conversations about neurodiversity and accessibility in the gaming community.


Brand Attributes

Mental Health Advocate
Cate focuses a lot of attention on bringing awareness to marginalized voices with ADHD or neurodiversity in gaming.

Her core brand attribute is education. She brings a comforting and helpful vibe to her audience on sex education and mental health awareness.

Cate often streams Minecraft on Twitch while discussing trending topics with her viewers. This showcases her skill of balancing gaming while giving advice


Cate's primary audience is in the US at (66%) of her viewership, followed by Canada (4.6%), the UK (2%), and Australia (1%).

Cate sits mainly in the 25-34 age bracket at 45%, followed up by 35-44 at 34% and 18-24 at 11%

Cate has a predominantly female audience at a 58% female to 42% male ratio.

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