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Niches: Minecraft/Cinematics/Comedy/Horror

CavemanFilms, aka Dan, is a long-time YouTuber and streamer with over 1.6 Million subscribers. He’s partnered with household brands like Disney, Warner Bros., and Ubisoft. Dan’s mission is to create entertaining content that’s welcoming for everyone regardless of age. On occasion, Dan creates cinematic content to go along with the “Films” in his name!


Brand Attributes

CavemanFilms is most known for his Minecraft content. From building to teaching Minecraft, to his version of MythBusters in Minecraft, he’s truly a master builder.

CavemanFilms’ brand of humor is attractive and accessible for all ages and backgrounds. He takes great pains to make sure his channel provides content that the whole family can watch together and enjoy.

All Audiences
CavemanFilms uses Minecraft to showcase modern riddles and new maps, as well as to explain how Minecraft itself works for any newcomers, no matter the age, to the game.


Top Countries: CavemanFilms has a mostly US based audience at 62.5% with the UK coming in at 6.4% and Canada (4%), the Philippines (3.1%) and Australia (2.9%) following.

Top Ages: CavemanFilms splits very evenly between the 35-44 (27.5%), 18-24 (26.1%) and 25-34 (22.7%) ages, followed up with the 13-17 (8.8%) bracket.

Gender Split: CavemanFilms has a primarily male audience at 67.9% over the female audience at 32.1%


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