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Niches: Variety, Hosting, Gamer, LGBTQIA+, Overwatch, Pets

Ceddy serves the latest in sass and laughs. He’s iconic. His community is a home for loud and proud LGBTQIA+ viewers looking for a high-energy broadcast experience. Ceddy is known for being a magnetic host, gamer, TikToker, pet dad, and most recently, his TV appearances. Ceddy is also an accomplished food critic, with his review reels garnering an average of 100k views each.


Brand Attributes

Ceddy welcomes any and all to his community and embraces the loudest among them! Ceddy aspires to create a safe and inclusive environment, so everyone can be their authentic selves in his chat.

Loud & Sassy
Ceddy describes himself as loud and sassy and he doesn’t disappoint …ever.

No Nonsense
While promoting everyone be their authentic selves, Ceddy sets strict rules against forms of aggression towards others and enforces them quickly and publicly. He is always willing to be a voice for those without one.


Top Countries: Ceddys audience is split between Malaysia (32%) and the US (31%), with singapore (6%), the UK (4%) and Canada (3%) follwing those up.

Top Ages: Ceddy does very well in the 25-34 (50.4%) age bracket, followed by the 18-24 (23.6%) and then the 35-44 bracket (17.6%).

Gender Split: Ceddy connects pretty evenly in the gender split, with females pulling ahead at 55.5%.