Main Platform: Variety

Since 2017, Ceddy has been bring his loud, sassy personality to Twitch and beyond! From talk shows, to original sound tracks, to gaming – he’s done it all. Known for interviewing stars such as Anjali Bhimani the VA of Symetra in Overwatch, Jen Cohn VA of Pharah in Overwatch, Xander Jeanneret, Pagina Heals, Cohost/Judge of Drag Race Thailand and so many more, he has proven to provide a vibrant, engaging space for guests in any environment. Ceddy serves the latest in sass and laughs – iconic enough to hear it when you see it his face. His community is a home for loud and proud LGBTQIA+ viewers and anyone who’s ready for a high energy, no nonsense broadcast experience. Most recently in 2021, he’s been taking up teaching marketing classes monthly and has even gained local fame and appearances on TV! You can catch him creating Tiktoks of his favorite local food places (with an important mention of weather food is halal or not!) and being the best pet dad to his 4 cats and loaf dog, Teddy.