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Niches: World of Warships/War Games

ChaosMachineGR does it all! Twitch streamer, community contributor for World of Warships game, and YouTube content creator. His passions are food, gaming, and his community. People come to his channel to chill, have fun, but most importantly – to interact with him.


Brand Attributes

World of Warships CC
As a World of Warships Community Contributor, ChaosmachineGR is subject to the latest and greatest releases and news for the game.

ChaosmachineGR can be seen saying some of the wildest yet most wholesome and lovable banter during matches! Win or lose, he is a trip to watch.

Kindness & Respect
ChaosmachineGR has a smile that can light up the world, and loves to show it off and make others smile with him. Even in defeat, he can’t help but smile and spread the love.


ChaosmachineGR has the ability to be spread across the world with the US (17%) and Germany (12%) the highest, followed by the UK (8%), Greece (7%), and Poland (5%)

ChaosmachineGR fit mostly into the 25-34 (32.4%) demo, with 35-44 (24.2%), 45-54 (17.7%), and 18-24 (17.1%) following.

ChaosmachineGR has a overwhelmingly male audience at 92%.

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