Main Platform:

Main Platform: Twitch

Niches: Variety, Voiceover, Webtoons

DataDave is a professional voice actor, content creator, and Twitch Partner! His content is known for being fun, engaging, and entertaining. On his streams, he usually plays multiplayer games from MMOs and MOBAs with his community, The Database, or explores different narratives of story-based games! In 2018, he was named a Twitch Ambassador for his exemplary content.

Brand Attributes

Data is a very well known MOBA and MMO player on Twitch along with playing a variety of other games to mix it up sometimes.

Voice Acting
Data has a lot of experience in voice acting and has worked with brands such as Epidemin Sound, Rune 2 and such.

Utilizing his knowledge in the animation world, Data shows his reactions and opinions about the anime world on his YouTube channel.


Top Countries: DataDave hits mostly the US market on Twitch and YouTube (58% and 39%), followed by Germany (3% and .5%) and India (2%)

Top Ages: Data has the strongest age bracket in the 25-34 range (100%)

Gender Split: Data also has a strong male audience taking up 100% of his views.