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Niches: Actor/Community Streamer/Mental Health Advocate

DayeDreamTV’s nerdy randomness and glorious intensity keeps her audience Positively Weird and Weirdly Positive! To most, she is notably known as the voice actress behind the voices of Kate Marsh, Alyssa, and Juliet in Life is Strange. But to her community, she is the adorable llama-loving-variety-streamer that promotes mental health.


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DayeDreamTV is the voice of Kate Marsh, Alyssa, and Juliet from Life is Strange! For Jane Austen nerds you might recognize her from Emma Approved as Harriet Smith and she just recently announced her role as Velma in Mystery Incorporated.

Creative Chaos
Self proclaimed Positively Weird, Weirdly Positive, DayeDreamTV provides infectious vibes to relax by – like lo-fi in human form! Her Funergetic quirkiness provides a unique place to relax, laugh, and learn a thing or two.

DayeDreamTV is a vocal supporter of LGBTQIA+ rights and the BLM movement. She has raised over $18k for various charities and has strict rules in her community against negativity towards others. As a Take This Ambassador, she works to combat the stigma and educate on mental health in the game community.


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Daye's audience comes mostly from the US (60%), followed by the UK (10%), Canada (6%), and Germany (5%).

Daye does best in the 18-24 range at 72.6% and then the 25-34 range comes next at 27.4%.

Daye has a predominantly male audience at 79% over the 21% female audience.



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