Main Platform:

Niches: Variety, Nintendo, Indie, Horror, VR

DoodyBeard refers to himself as “The Loudest party on Twitch.” His gaming content delivers on the hype so well that viewers refer to him as chaos in a bottle. On Twitch, he continuously partners with the Silly Boiz Stream Team. On TikTok, he keeps it weird and on-trend. While his YouTube channel serves as a backstage pass to his content.

Brand Attributes

“The Loudest Party on Twitch” is less of a slogan and more of a lifestyle for DoodyBeard, not limited to Twitch.

DoodyBeard’s love for all things Indie and Retro is prevalent throughout all of his platforms, from games to videos, to toys and colors.

Short Skits
DoodyBeard likes to write, produce, and perform in green screen skits in the vein of “Tim and Eric” and David Wain.


Top Countries: DoodieBeard's audience is focused mainly in the US (69%), followed by Canada (8%), and the UK and Australia (both 2%)

Top Ages: DoodyBeard mainly captures the 25-34 year old demo at 44.1%, followed by the 18-24 demo (35.4%) and then the 35-44 demo (13.8%)

Gender Split: DoodyBeard's audience skews more towards the Male side at 75.9% of his audience.

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