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Niches: Voice Acting, Roleplay, FPS

Dunrunnin12 is a variety streamer who combines his voice acting talent with his passion for storytelling. Dunrunnin12 treats his streams like a show – drama, excitement, and action! His audience tunes back to his channel as they would to their favorite TV shows. His mission is to help audiences have fun and relax as they enjoy his show.

Brand Attributes

Voice Acting
Dun has a passion for voice acting that brings his role-playing to life when he plays on stream. His cast of characters is what captivates and entertains his audience when they tune in.

Dun’s adaptability and versatility in game types set him apart from other creators giving his playthroughs a unique level of skill and flair.

Dun works very well in a group setting where roleplay and improv are essential to playing RP games. His ability to think on his feet and collaborate with others is evident with every stream.


Dun's primary audience is in the US at 68% of his viewership, followed by Canada at (10%), and the UK at (9%)

Dun sits mainly in the 18-24 age bracket at 65.4%, followed up with 25-34 at 34.6%

Dun has a predominantly male audience at 96.3% male to 3.7% female.