Main Platform:

Niches: Old School Runescape, Apex Legends, Elden Ring

Flutten is a full-time Twitch streamer that loves thrives on humor. They love making themselves and others laugh. Flutten is currently playing OSRS and various FPS games. During her gameplay, she focuses on providing an enjoyable chat experience with whomever she is playing with.


Brand Attributes

Old School Runescape is a throwback to the original release of Runescape MMORPG, capturing the challenge of the original leveling system.

Flutten is very engaged with their chat during their entire stream, constantly engaging and answering any questions.

Flutten’s unique brand of quirkiness and humor lends itself very nicely while streaming RPG games and keeps the viewer heavily engaged.

Brand Integration
Flutten has opportunities to have product placement during their Twitch Streams and tweets for brands that want visibility on high profile accounts


Flutten does best with a US audience (49%), followed by the UK (11%), Canada (11%), the Netherlands (4%) and Finland (4%).

Flutten sits best in the 25-34 demo (67.8%) followed by the 18-24 demo (27.9%).