Main Platform:

Niches: Anime, Fitness

Heisuten’s vibe is anime, fitness, and hype! It’s never a dull moment on his channel. Fans tune in to watch him do anime all types of anime-related content, but anime reaction videos are his niche. Heisuten started his content creation career straight out of high school in hopes of creating a welcoming space for everyone who loves all anime and fitness.


Brand Attributes

Fitness is one of Heisuten’s many passions, which he showcases on his Instagram. His strong following on this platform allows him to share this passion with his audience of anime fans and gamers.

Heisuten has built a massive community in the anime world, bringing him a super supportive group of fans who share that passion.

Heisuten’s primary focus is on anime-related content; however, he often steers the conversation to gaming, showcasing his skill of dabbling in between gaming and anime news in a way that appeals to his audience.


Heisuten's primary audience is in the US at (42%) of his viewership, followed by India (8%), Canada (5%), and Philipines (4%).

Heisuten sits mostly in the 18-24 age bracket at 65.4% followed up with 25-34 at 34.6%

Heisuten has a predominantly male audience at 98% male to 2% female ratio.