Main Platform:

Niches: Apex Legends, New World

HimboAndy is a variety streamer who mainly focuses on New World. During his shows, viewers enjoy gaming while talking and discussing intersectional politics in an open and welcoming space. HimboAndy’s mission is to create a safe online space for marginalized individuals in the world of gaming. During his streams, the community can feel his love and dedication.


Brand Attributes

Andy is very involved in his chat and will spend the entire stream talking with his audience, keeping them engaged no matter the topic.

His playstyle with others lends itself to humor, and he can often be heard laughing and cracking jokes, keeping himself and chat entertained on every stream.

Andy often focuses on gaming but also sometimes gets in conversation about politics. This showcases his skill of dabbling in between gaming and daily news.


Andy's main audience is in the US at 88% of his viewership, followed by Canada (3%), the UK (2%), and Brazil (1%)
He sits mostly in the 18-24 age bracket at 65.4%, followed up with 25-34 at 34.6%,

He has a predominantly male audience at 96.3% male to 3.7% female.