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Niches: Horror/Retro

iamBrandon started streaming on Twitch since 2014. In 2016, he became a Twitch partner and since then, he’s raised over $100K for various charities, created a local Twitch community in Chicago under “Twitch Chicago” and has been continuously featured on the front page of Twitch for his outstanding broadcasts.


Brand Attributes

As an award-winning Twitch streamer, iamBrandon has raised over 100k for various communities, started the “Twitch Chicago” community, and continues to be a voice for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ people.

iamBrandon’s love for all things gaming comes across strong as a variety streamer, and in his hobbies collecting all things retro gaming.

Live Host
iamBrandon has hosted many events like Twitch Live, Twitch, and Gamestop TV; as well as being a cast member of the successful “Rivals of Waterdeep” live play show.


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iamBrandon has a large US based audience at 81%, followed by Canada (6%), and the UK (3%); with Russia and Australia sitting at 2% each.

He sits comfortably with the 25-34 age bracket (56.6%), with the 35-44 (22.7%) and 18-24 (12.1%) following that up.

iamBrandon has a mostly male audience at 66.7% to 33.3% female.




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