Main Platform:

Niche: Apex / FPS / RPGs

Islandstyle is a proud Hawaiian content creator from Seattle, WA. His career started with Apex Legends and BR/FPS games. Over the years, he’s expanded to play story-based RPGs, MMOs, and focus on charity streaming. From the beach-themed overlays to his friendly community – The Island Ohana – his streams are his way of sharing his culture with the world.


Brand Attributes

The concept of Ohana in Hawai’i is based on something universal: family. IslandStyle seeks to bring that sense of family and care to everyone in his community. With IslandStyle, you are Ohana

IslandStyle makes an effort to express Aloha, a Hawaiian word with many meanings, ranging from love, peace, and compassion to pity and grief. IslandStyle feels it’s important to embrace all emotions.

Life presents many challenges, from ones in-game to daily struggles. IslandStyle’s strength comes from facing, confronting, and moving through them along with his community.


Top Countries: IslandStyle's primary audience is in the US 82%, followed by Canada 5%, and the UK 3%

Top Ages: IslandStyle sits mainly in the 18-24 age bracket at 53.4%, followed up by 25-34 at 31.2% and 35-44 at 8.3%

Gender Split: IslandStyle has a predominantly male audience at a 98.3% male to 1.7% female ratio.