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Niches: PUBG, Warzone, FPS

JessieCooks is one of the best female Warzone players in Verdansk. In 2020 she started playing first-person shooter games and since, she’s been climbing the leaderboards. In a year, Jessie has made unbelievable progress in her gameplay abilities. Best of all – she’s just getting started.


Brand Attributes

Jesse has risen from a total FPS newbie to one of the best Warzone players in Verdansk in less than a year

Team Oriented 
Being a part of Misfits Gaming, and a highly decorated Warzone player, Jesse thrives in a team environment

Utilizing humor across all her platforms, Jesse shows that competitive games don’t have to come with a toxic attitude towards the other players


Top Countries: JesseCooks hits mostly the US market on Twitch and YouTube (67% and 51.2%), followed by the UK (Twitch: 6% YouTube: 8.9%) and Canada (Twitch: 7% YouTube: 1.9%)

Top Ages: JesseCooks' strongest age bracket is the 25-34 range (61%), followed by 18-24 (22.3%) and 35-44 (13%) and the others at 2% or below.

Gender Split: JesseCooks has a strong male audience taking up 97.1% of her views.

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