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Niches: DBZ, Variety

Just _Relax_Kid (JRK for short) is a Twitch-partnered variety gamer and full-time content creator from Austin, Texas. Competitive games are his passion. Some of his favorites include OW, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, and dead by daylight. Just _Relax_Kid is known for creating a fun environment for his viewers and his love for South Park.


Brand Attributes

JRK is very involved in the anime community and loves to show his passion for anime across his social media platforms and content.

JRK’s quick wit and ability to crack jokes at the perfect time keep his chat laughing and is what keeps his fans coming back to his streams for more.

Variety Gaming
JRK loves to showcase his pro skills by playing a variety of games on Twitch, actively interacting with his chat during his playthroughs on Twitch to ensure they feel immersed and involved no matter the content.


JRK's primary audience is in the US at 75% of his viewership, followed by the UK (4%), Canada (4%), and Germany (2%).

JRK sits mainly in the 18-24 age bracket at 50%, followed up with 25-34 at 36%

He has a predominantly male audience at 99% male to 1% female ratio.