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Kahlief is an avid technophile and video game fanatic from the Bronx. Their show, Spawn On Me, magnifies the stories of underrepresented individuals within the gaming industry. Spawn On Me has been downloaded over 1.5 million times and is streamable in 125 countries. Kahlief was named one of The Game Awards Inaugural Future Class and Global Gaming Citizen for their conversations around race and games.


Brand Attributes

His podcast, where he discusses anything & everything gaming-related, has been featured on major platforms such as IGN, NY Times, and The Game Awards.

Kahlief knows how to keep his audience entertained by delivering up to date to gaming news and new releases while intertwining it with his unique brand of humor.

In addition to his gaming podcast, Kahlief enjoys playing games on Twitch in his spare time, showcasing his pro skills on stream!


Kahlief's main audience is in the US at 50% of his viewership, followed by Canada (5%), the UK (5%), and Brazil (2%).

Kahlief sits primarily in the 25-34 age bracket at 53% followed up with 18-24 at 32.8%.

Kahlief has a predominantly male audience at 98.3% male to 1.7% female ratio.


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