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Niches: Variety / Animal Crossing

KangGaming is a YouTube and Twitch streamer. As a father of two, and geek at heart, his focus is wholesome content for everyone. His latest streams are of him playing Animal Crossing, Ocarina of Time, Breath of the Wild, and Final Fantasy 14.


Brand Attributes

KangGaming keeps both his content and his community very wholesome from the games they choose to the support you can find in chat.

Family Friendly
If there’s ever a stream that anyone in the family could watch and be entertained without worry, it’s KangGaming.

KangGaming likes to spread his love of family and support to everyone, and this includes the many charity streams they’ve been a part of.


KangGaming streams to mainly a US based audience (71%) with Canada (8%) and the UK (6%) following that trend.

KangGaming top ages are 25-34 (39.2%) and 18-24 (32.8%) with 35-44 (17.2%) coming soon after.

KangGaming has an largely female based audience at 76.1% to 23.9% male audience.