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Niches: Streamer, content creator, LGBTQIA+

Kate is a popular Canadian gamer known for crafting one of the most diverse and inclusive communities and brands on the internet. Her streams are a place where everyone feels welcome. Her content includes multiplayer, survival titles, single-player games, co-streaming – and anything space!


Brand Attributes

As a popular GTA V roleplay streamer and avid Among Us player, Kate works very well in a group setting where roleplay and improv are core to the game.

Kate has a few successful podcasts including “Therapy Sold Separately” and “Talk Guys”; connecting her with everyone from Dr. Lupo to Blink-182.

In everything she does, Kate strives for inclusivity and positive education for and towards LGBTQIA+ individuals.


Kate's viewers are predominantly in the US with 62% of the views coming from there, followed by Canada (10%), the UK (8%) and Scandinavian countries falling in at 2% each.

Kate 's audience sits mostly in the 25-34 age demo at 50.6%, with the 35-44 (26.7%) and 18-24 (14.7%) following up.

Kate has had great success with a mostly male driven audience with 77.5% being male viewers.



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