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Niches: GTA RP/ Variety

Lady Hope is a full-time streamer from England over on Twitch and predominantly streams Grand Theft Auto 5 Roleplay on the NoPixel server. Her channel is mostly focused on Roleplay and her characters’ lives. However, she does dabble in variety story-based games, life simulators, or games with her community. Lady Hope took on streaming full-time around September 2020, after a career in the Esports and Gaming industry, and became a Twitch Partner in June of 2021. She looks forward to celebrating new milestones with her community and building her brand.

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community herself, Lady Hope fosters positivity and inclusivity for all members of her community and creates a cozy and warm environment for those who tune in, in hopes that they feel welcomed and loved. She also is a large lover of make-up, fashion and brings about body positivity through that passion. Whenever you watch a Lady Hope stream her aim is to let you know you’re invited to get comfortable and join in for a wacky and fun time.


Brand Attributes

RPG Games
She has a robust RP following from playing GTA that shows up in droves to support her streams and provide hype every time she clicks the ‘go live button.

Her community loves her humor and vibes, and she continues to bring more eyes to her channel, generating considerable support for her streams and social media platforms.

LadyHope loves to showcase her passion for fashion on Instagram. Her skillful make-up looks range from everyday styles to colorful & abstract palettes, each one absolutely killing it and leaving her community wanting more!

Brand Integration
LadyHope has opportunities for brands that want her product to be integrated into posts with specific call-outs or seamless integration with posts related to their brand.


Lady's primary audience is in the US at 48% of her viewership, followed by the UK (16%), Canada (6%), and Australia (3%).