Main Platform: MORPG/RPG/EverQuest

” LevelUpLarry is a content creator who started his streaming adventure in October 2018. From the beginning, he aimed to deliver top quality production value and enthusiastic community engagement – all while having a blast doing it!

LevelUpLarry is a massive fan of the MMORPG/RPG genre, but loves to find ways to inject the influence of other genres into his live content. EverQuest has predominately been his game of choice throughout his time on Twitch but he is always looking forward to exploring new and upcoming titles alongside with his community. Speaking of community, the “”LevelUppers”” foster many of the same core values as LevelUpLarry to include inclusiveness, kindness and respect.

LevelUpLarry is passionate about using his position of influence to help others in need. The inaugural (and now annual) “”LevelUpForCharity”” event in 2021 raised over $10,000 through Extra Life, which helped support several local children’s hospitals across the country.

The LevelUpLarry channel ecosystem is unlike no other and you would be hard-pressed to experience any low energy during his streams. Whether it’s the terrible rapping, the profound haikus or even a glowstick routine, there is never a dull moment! LevelUpHype! “