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Niches: MMORPG/RPG/EverQuest

LevelUpLarry is a content creator who aims to deliver top-quality production value and high-energy engagement. Whether it’s his terrible rapping, his profound haikus, or his glow-stick routine, he never has a dull moment – LevelUpHype! LevelUpLarry’s mission is to use his platform to help others in need and give back to his community.

Brand Attributes


Viewers of all ages can happily and safely enjoy LevelUpLarry and his energetic community.

Consistently Engaging

The LevelUpLarry channel ecosystem is unlike no other and you would be hard-pressed to experience any low energy during his streams.

Passionately Positive

The “LevelUppers” foster many of the same core values as LevelUpLarry to include inclusiveness, kindness, and respect.


Top Countries: LevelUpLarry's primary audience is based in the US at 86%, with Canada coming in next at 7%.

Top Ages: LevelUpLarry's audience is split between the 25-34 range (49.7%) and the 35-44 age range (45.9%), with the 45-54 range last (4.4%)

GenderSplit: LevelUpLarry's audience is mostly male at 99.5% to .5% female.

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  • Real Magic Stream Campaign