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Niches: Elder Scrolls/Variety

Loctavian is a professional partier, streaming with ADHD! Proud gaymer, amateur dancer, and mullet enthusiast streaming MMOs. As a pioneer of the MMO space, Loctavian has been part of stream teams like ESO & New World teams. On their stream, Loctavian invites their audience to embrace the weird and join in on the fun.


Brand Attributes

ADHD Advocate

Loctavian is not afraid to talk about the importance of mental health as he also brings awareness of having ADHD and still living life to the fullest.


His brand of humor and authenticity allows him to keep his chat entertained simply by being himself, bringing his fans back to his stream for more of his engaging content. 

LGBTQ+ Community

The strong support of his community is shown every time he streams or posts anything on social media. They love that he is himself and proud of it!


Loctavian's primary audience is in the US at (42%) of his viewership, followed by Canada (8%), the UK (7%), and Germany (7%).

Loctavian sits mainly in the 25-34 age bracket at 40%, followed by 18-24 at 25%.

Loctavian has a predominantly male audience at 91.6% male to 8.4% female ratio.


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