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Niches: GTA RP/DnD/Variety

MadameGandalf’s Green Dragon Tavern is the place to be if you love fantasy, food, singing, and D&D. Her community is full of elves, halflings, humans, and orcs alike. But in her streams, there’s always room for more, so pull up a chair, and have a drink on me amongst this loveable bunch of inclusive misfits✨🍺


Brand Attributes

Make Up Artist
Madame loves trying new makeup looks. From traditional and colorful, she does it all. She is an expert at creating unique and creative palettes that help to showcase her range of skills.

Cooking is one of Madame’s passions. She loves to show her talents on stream to her viewers by flawlessly executing a wide range of recipes, ranging from simple to complex.

RP gaming
Madame has amassed a large and supportive community following in GTA RP where she is a very popular player on one of the most active servers.


Her primary audience is in the US at (43.8%) of his viewership, followed by Canada (2%), the UK (2%), and Brazil (2%).

She sits mostly in the 25-34 age bracket at 76.5%, followed up with 18-24 at 23.8%,

She has a predominantly male audience at 76.5% male to 23.5% female ratio.