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Niches: Smite, Certified Rescue Diver, Anime, Longboard & Snowboard enthusiast.

MattyPocket is a World Champion. He’s played professionally in 3 different genres of games (MOBA, FPS & MMORPG) and is part of the first big Smite streamers on Twitch. Not only is he a talented gamer, but he is also an athlete, certified rescue diver, and anime expert.


Brand Integration

Mattypocket has opportunities for brands that want their product to be integrated into posts with specific call-outs or seamless integration with posts related to their brand.


Brand Attributes

Competitive Play
MattyPocket is a world champion in 3 different genres and leagues. He is also regarded as one of the first big Smite players on Twitch and one of the best in the world.

MattyPocket not only trains his gaming skills but his body as well. As a self-described “fitness fiend” he often talks about fitness on his streams and social media.

MattyPocket has a love of Anime and all anime culture. He often cites from his vast library of anime knowledge.