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Niches: Variety Vtuber

Mic_Feedback is a creator with a flair for the dramatic and a passion for quality. They are known for pouring their heart and soul into what they do – delivering the best quality for their audience. From audio to visual fidelity Mic_Feedback’s broadcasts are always looking and sounding crisp. There are some exciting times ahead as Mic’s been working hard on new content.


Brand Attributes

Mic uses cutting-edge technology and some of the most visually stunning art to bring their avatar to life.

Their playstyle with others lends itself to humor, and they know exactly how to keep themselves and chat entertained.

Voice Acting
Mic is a professional voice actor who brings their characters to life with various impressions. Their cast of characters is spot on and entertaining.


Mic's primary audience is in the US at (66%) of his viewership, followed by Canada (7%), the UK (5%), and Australia (3%).