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Niches: Old School Runescape

Muts is an Old School Runescape content creator on Twitch. His content revolves around one specific game mode: ‘Hardcore Ironman.’ This means he can’t trade with others and isn’t allowed to die in the game. Muts is known as one of the best hardcore Ironmen in the game.

Brand Integration
Muts has opportunities for brands that want their product to be integrated in posts with specific call outs or seem less integration with posts that are related to their brand.

Affiliate Marketing
Muts has had great success with products that align with their core brand attributes, especially brands that align with his core values like MMORPG challenges and educating new players.

Brand Attributes

Old School Runescape is a throwback to the original release of Runescape MMORPG, capturing the challenge of the original leveling system.

As a “Hardcore Ironman,” Muts only plays the game on its hardest mode and is known as one of the best players because of this.

While Muts is playing, he’s constantly engaging in his chat and answering their questions about the game and its history to educate new & old players alike.


US (27%), Netherlands (20%), the UK (12%) Canada (6%), Finland (6%), Belgium (5%), Norway (4%), Sweden (3%)