Main Platform: World of Tanks/Destiny 2

“Polygamerous Streamer (World of Tanks, Destiny 2, Splitgate), World of Tanks Partnered NA CC, Army vet, artist, writer, animal-lover, tattooed wife.

I was a tomboy, a geek, and an only child who loved animals, climbing trees, drawing, reading and writing, and who constantly got in trouble for talking too much in school (which is actually helpful in streaming XD). After a rough childhood, I signed up as an Intelligence Analyst (98C/35N) with the U.S. Army to get out of the economically depressed area where I grew up. I genuinely loved the Army and don’t for a second regret my time, but unfortunately my time in the service left me with some chronic health issues that continue to be a challenge.

Since I completed my service in the Army over a decade ago life has thrown me a litany of tough challenges, and I found WOT and streaming on Twitch during one of the harder periods. Over time, it grew to be something really positive for me, something that distracted me from the negative things and gave me a place to hang out, relieve stress, and be understood and part of a community when I couldn’t in real life.

In the last 5 years I’ve gotten divorced, moved halfway across the country to Texas for work, discovered and fell in love with Destiny 2, found my true puzzle piece and got remarried, and finally had back/neck surgery this spring which has helped relieve much of the chronic pain that had been stealing away my quality of life for over a decade. Now that I’m finally feeling better I’m ready to focus on growing my passion and seeing what’s next!”