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Niche: Variety VTuber

Hailing from Georgia, Pasta is a variety streamer that brings a comfy chaos to each stream. Her content focuses on engaging an environment that is interactive while maintaining inclusivity for everyone that comes by her channel. Her content ranges from making challenges in The Sims, building up islands in Animal Crossing, stabbing her friends in Among Us, and surviving in Minecraft and Call Of Duty. Occasionally, you may even catch her baking with chat or performing a song or two on the piano!


Brand Attributes

Comfy Chaos
PastaroniRavioli loves to bring a comfortable air and feeling to her playstyle of pure chaos. Her streams are very relaxing, but she often goes against the rules of the games she plays to bring the fun.

PastaroniRavioli keeps her community and streams to what she calls “PG-13” and thus is accessible to all. She stays engaged in chat to help weed out negativity.

PastaroniRavioli likes to showcase many different games, both solo, and co-op. She prides herself on going against the “you can’t be a variety partnered Twitch creator” mantra.


Top Countries: PastaroniRavioli's primary audience is in the US (47%), with the UK (24%) coming in next, and Canada (4%) after that.

Top Ages: PastaroniRavioli does best in the 25-34 (43.8%) demo, with the 18-24 (34.6%), 35-44 (10.1%), and 13-17 (7.4%) next.

Gender Split: PastaroniRavioli has a primarily female-based audience at 57%, with 43% being male.