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Niches: Variety V-Tuber

Phant is a V-Tuber, Twitch Partner, and professional Fall Guys player. They are masters of speedrun games; their thing is “learning speedrun games just to stop at the last level.” Phant’s stream also consists of a variety of randomizers, including competitive Zelda randomizers. Occasionally, Phant will stream casual playthroughs.


Brand Attributes

Phant is a big fan of Nintendo games. She enjoys alternating between some of the biggest titles while keeping her audience engaged on stream with her unique brand of content.

Phant uses the most cutting-edge technology and some of the most visually stunning art brought to life with tubing.

Speed Runs
Phant often showcases her superb speedrunning skills on stream with some of her favorite games, seeing if she can beat her own best times.


Phant's primary audience is in the US at 72% of her viewership, followed by Canada (10%), the UK (4%), and Germany (2%).

Phant sits mainly in the 25-34 age bracket at 54.4%, followed by 35-44 at 28.6% and 18-24 at 17%.

Phant has a predominantly male audience at 93.4% male to 6.6% female.6