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Niches: Mobile streamer, PUBG

Pickles is the ultimate PUBG Mobile streamer. He started his full-time content creator journey in 2018. Since he’s become a rising Facebook gaming star. Today, he’s one of the best shooters for PUBG Mobile! Between getting Ws and being a loving dog dad to his baby Pickles, you can catch him playing Magic the Gathering in his spare time.


Brand Attributes

PUBG Mobile
Pickles is one of the top PUBG Mobile players in the world. In the 3 years since its release, he has constantly been top-ranked.

Competitive Play
Pickles enjoys showcasing his competitive streak by competing in PUBG tournaments and events, reminding his fellow players why he has been known in the community for a long time.

Magic the Gathering
When not getting W’s on Mobile…Pickles can be found playing MtG and MtG: Arena.


Pickles main audience is based out of India, followed by Myanmar. Pakistan, the US, and Malaysia.

Pickles does best in the 18-24 ages range, followed closely with the 25-34 age, then the 13-17 range, and finally the 35-44 range.

Pickles has a mostly male audience at 89% to 11% female.