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Niches: Anime, RPG

RuffSenpai has over a decade of content-making experience and recently shifted from being one of Mixer’s biggest variety streamers focusing on Anime content. Since May 2020, RuffSenpai has become one of the fastest-growing Anime Reaction channels on YouTube. Each of RuffSenpai’s platforms promotes chill vibes and welcomes good people looking to hang out, chat anime, and RPGs.


Brand Attributes

Ruffsenpai’s main brand is his love for all things anime. His vast list of watched Anime makes him as close to an expert as someone can be, and he relishes debating all things anime.

Ruffsenpai is most known for his reaction streams and vids. Usually focusing on Anime and Anime related topics. He also scrolls the latest YouTube and TikToks and shares his reactions.

Ruffsenpai is very vocal with his chat and is very strict in his rules, keeping his community as inclusive and diverse as possible, with no tolerance for “ism” behaviors.


Ruffsenpai has a wide audience throughout the world, with the US being the primary source (40%), the UK (7%), Germany (6%), and Canada, Brazil and France all coming in at 4%

Ruffsenpai's primary age demo is the 18-24 bracket (47.4%) with 25-34 (32.1%) coming in next. The 13-17 and 35-44 brackets are both sitting at 8%.

Ruffsenpai's gender split relies mostly on the male population at 89.7%