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Niches: Voice Acting, Variety

Shado_Temple is a partnered Twitch broadcaster, voice actor, and host passionate about gaming, charity, and STEM education. Match his vast background in commercial narration, character acting, comedy improvisation with his in-home studio, and the sky is the limit! For Shado_Temple, delivering quality and inclusive content for his community is a priority.

Shado has been a YouTube creator since 2010 but now mainly sees himself on Twitch nowadays where he prefers story-driven and indie games.


Brand Attributes

Voice Acting
Shado_Temple brings his experience as a commercial narrator, VA, and host to create some of the most well-rounded and funny characters on stream.

Video Games
Shado_Temple loves all things video games. His passion extends far beyond what he shows on stream, as he plays a bit of everything.

As a science teacher by day, Shado_Temple’s interest in teaching the next generation comes across in everything he does.


Top Countries: Shado has a large US audience (69%), followed by Canada (8%) and the Philippines (5%).

Top Ages: Shado does best in the 35-44 demo (34.6%), followed by the 18-24 demo (25.2%), the 25-34 demo (22.5%), and the 45-54 demo (13.2%)

Gender Split: Shado has a slightly higher female audience at 58.6% to 41.4% male.