Shelby Dueitt

Main Platform:

Niches: Fitness, IRL, Streamer, Horror, anime, TCG Cards, Athlete

Shelby Dueitt is the most metal Twitch streamer you’ll meet – athletic-metal head-horror loving,-card collector! When she’s not leveling up her game – in online survival games or at the gym – she’s hanging out and interacting with viewers at YuGiOh! or Pokemon cards pack openings.


Brand Attributes

Shelby’s passion for gaming started at a young age playing alongside her cousin that was also a gamer. She now plays on various titles on Twitch throughout the week.

Shelby loves to show her passion for horror games on Twitch. Her community comes for all of the laughs and jumpscares her content provides.

Body Builder
Shelby is a former college athlete/world champion lifter and a nationally qualified bodybuilder. She showcases her fitness journey on her various social platforms.


Top Countries: Shelby hits mostly the US market with (86%), followed by Canada (6%) and UK (3%)