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Niches: Actor, FPS, Baseball

StormBreaker is an actor and former college athlete. He recently moved from California to Atlanta, Georgia. His current focus is creating content that serves as an escape. His mission is to create a community that’s welcoming and empathetic for all.


Brand Attributes

FPS Games
StormBreaker’s genre of choice is in the FPS world. He loves trying out and streaming the latest beta of any new or upcoming FPS platform.

StormBreaker always tries to cultivate a welcoming and supportive community. His constant engagement and positivity in chat become infectious immediately.

As a credited IMDB actor, StormBreaker has found himself on many location shoots, cultivating a cast of characters and voices he displays both on & off stream.


Top Countries: StormBreaker's viewership is centered mainly in the US (71%), the UK (11%), and Canada (5%).

Top Ages: StormBreaker pulls mostly from the 18-24 age group (47.7%), with 25-34 (39.3%) and 35-44 (8%) coming in after.

Gender Split: StormBreaker's main audience is predominantly male with an 87.7% to 12.3% split.