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Niches: World of Warships, Chill vibes

Tcfreer is a growing World of Warships streamer. Viewers are attracted to his streams for his salt-free, zero-stress, chill vibe. He’s created his streams to be a welcoming place where everyone is able to relax and enjoy gaming for what it is – fun!


Brand Attributes

Chill Gaming
Tcfreer has grown a lot over the years that he became a very well-known War of Warships player on Twitch. His streams are very welcoming and warm for any new people tuning in.

Tcfreer has developed a very unique but also a very loyal community playing War of Warships. His content creates a safe space for his viewers and newcomers to the game.

Tcfreer creates a great example of a streamer with positive vibes always for his viewers. No matter the game played he makes sure to keep it fun on stream.


Tcfreer hits mostly the UK market with (17%), followed by the US at (14%) and Germany next with (11%)

Tcfreer has the strongest age bracket in the 35-44 range (50.6%) followed by the 45- 54 range (49.4%)

Tcfreer also has a strong male audience taking up 100% of all his socials.