Main Platform:

Niches: Variety, GTA RP

theLGX is a full-time Twitch streamer. The majority of his content is Grand Theft Auto 5 Role Play – specifically on the NoPixel server. He uses a mix of improv and voice acting to bring his dynamic characters to life so that he can create an environment where his community can come relax and watch great stories unfold.


Brand Attributes

GTA Roleplay
theLGX can most often times be found streaming Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay, where he interacts with a cast of other creators to build long narratives.

theLGX loves to be constantly involved in chat during stream, keeping them both engaged and relaxed at the same time.

theLGX can be found playing a variety of other games including the latest real-life simulators and the hottest big studio titles.


Top Countries: theLGX does well in the US market (45%), followed by the UK (12%), Canada (5%), Germany (5%), and Sweden (3%).

Top Ages: theLGX does pretty evenly with the 25-34 (45.7%) and the 18-24 (42.2%) demos, followed by the 35-44 (7.3%) demo.

Gender Split: theLGX has a predominantly male audience at 95.6% to 4.4% female