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Niches: Variety

TheLostDrake is a veteran and family man known for his high-energy variety streams. As a partnered Twitch streamer, he prides himself in making his content as hype as possible. With an extensive streaming schedule, TheLostDrake is constantly finding creative ways to engage with his growing community.\

Brand Integration
He has opportunities for brands that want their product to be integrated into posts with specific call-outs or seem less integration with posts that are related to their brand.

Brand Attributes

TheLostDrake isn’t beholden to one single game, He can be seen playing old favorites along with all the latest big studio titles.

No matter the game or the content, he isn’t short on energy and isn’t afraid to share his energy and enthusiasm with his community.

Even as a variety creator, he has a preference for FPS titles like Destiny, APEX, Fortnite, and HALO.


TheLostDrake has mostly a US audience (70%) followed by the UK (7%) and Canada (5%).

He does best in the 25-34 demo (36.4%) followed by the 35-44 demo (27%) and then the 18-24 demo (14.4%)

He has mainly a male audience at 71.4% to 28.6% female.