Tiffany Witcher

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Niches: V-Tuber, Indie

Tiffany Witcher is better known as the Charity Witch on Twitch. They are a virtual streamer, voice actor, discussion leader, and advocate for accessibility and chronic illnesses in gaming. In honor of their mother, Tiffany has made it their goal to fundraise for and positively impact different causes. In the short span of two years, they have raised over $32,000. Tiffany’s next career milestone is motion-capture acting.
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Brand Attributes

Tiffany has appeared on Twitch, multiple convention appearances, and participated in round table discussions promoting accessibility for people with disabilities and BIPOC persons in the streaming space.

They have made it their goal to raise money for different causes and charities; working with organizations like the Lupus foundation raising over $32k in their short career.

They have voiced in over 2 dozen indie games and are now engaging in motion picture acting.


Top Countries: Tiffany's primary audience comes from the US (67%) with the UK (8%) and Canada (7%) next.