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Niches: Destiny

Uhmaayyze is all the hype! He combined his freestyling talent with his passion for gaming by simultaneously freestyling while playing Destiny. His streams are high-energy and entertaining – a total vibe. Uhmaayyze’s channel is a positivity-filled space to get hyped, chat, and listen to some good music.


Brand Attributes

He is very involved in his chat and will spend the entire stream talking with his audience, keeping them engaged no matter the topic.

Uhm showcases his musical talents on all his social media with how fast he can freestyle and vibe out in music while rapping his favorite lyrics.

Variety Gaming
Uhm often focuses on gaming but also sometimes shows his freestyling talents on stream. This showcases his skill of dabbling in between gaming and music.


His primary audience is in the US at 72% of his viewership, followed by the UK (7%), Canada (6%), and Germany (2%).

He sits mostly in the 25-34 age bracket at 45.4%, followed up with 18-24 at 41.6% and 35-44 age group at 9%,

He has a predominantly male audience at 96.3% male to 3.7% female.

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