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Niches: Variety, JRPG, Zelda

WizzardOfTime is a Twitch Partner most famously known for creating Legend Of Zelda Horror. Their weekly streams explore games in which they can explore new and rich ways of storytelling. As a content creator, WizzardOfTime strives to introduce people to the Zelda franchise while inspiring individuals to follow their dreams and make their dreams a reality.

Brand Integration
WizzardofTime has opportunities for brands that want their product to be integrated into posts with specific call-outs or seem less integration with posts that are related to their brand.

Brand Attributes

WizzardofTime’s knowledge and love for all things Zelda is immense and his passion for it really shines through no matter the game he is playing.

When not playing LoZ games, WizzardofTime will often revert to his other love: horror and survival games.

It’s very clear that WizzardofTime loves all things Nintendo: from LoZ, Mario themed games, and every title within, he’s at his best when it’s Nintendo.


Wizzard has a large US audience (66%) followed by Canada (8%) and the UK (7%).

Wizzard sits best in the 18-24 demo (39.2%) followed by the 25-34 demo (27.8%), the 35-44 demo (16.1% and the 13-17 demo (10%)

Wizzard has a mostly male audience at 85.1%.